A guide to buy the perfect steak!

Alright, the 1650 prime is a pretty unique grill and the steaks are being elevated to a superior kind of flavor. Yet the better the quality of the meat is, the better the steak will be in the end.

So here is a little guide to buying a good steak!

It is always good to have an eye for color, fat and marbling.

The color should always be pink! There should be an even distribution of fat.  This makes the steak so tender and delicious.

Marbling depends on the quality of the animal and how it’s raised. Steaks are graded by the USDA (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE) into 3 categories.

  • SELECT – shows low marbling, is taken mostly from young cattle, lees than 30 months old.
  • CHOICE – goes with a medium amount of marbling, makes up the majority of beef cuts.
  • PRIME – which is the highest amount of marbling in a regular steak. Mostly available in steakhouses.

So look for high marbling steaks, resulting in brilliant juiciness and flavor.

Then there is the


Normally you should avoid thin cut steaks, due to their potential to be overcooked, yet the 1650 prime grill is able to grill your thin cut steak to your desired doneness.

The regular thickness of a steak is about one inch high. This basically provides a great base for a perfect medium steak. But with the 1650 Prime you are very open to the thickness of your steak. Just grill it to your desired doneness.

What is very popular, is a dry-aged steak.

Dry Aged Wagyu Entrecote Steak

Meat is being held in a cooled room for a certain amount of time, so its moisture is reduced by 25% after about 28 days. A mold grows on the beef’s exterior, which has the wonderful effect of breaking down the tissues, which results in a more tender steak and adds a lot of flavor to it. The mold will be cut down and a wonderful steak is left to be grilled and enjoyed.

And then there is the cut. But there are so many cuts, that we decided to give it an own section. Just click here to move to this section.