The right doneness!

The right doneness is very important for the indulgence of a steak. The best way to cook a steak is to make it by using a thermometer, yet there are several different possibilities to measure the doneness of the steak. One of these is the famous hand-check.

But in the end this is not a very precise technique to get the doneness right, yet effective if you need to check your steak quickly.

So we get back to the thermometer, which again, there are thousands of possibilities and products on the market. You just have to rush through the offer and choose the one you’d like to cook with.

So, once we have a thermometer we are ready to go.

Just place it in to middle of your meat and grill the steak. Please be aware that not every thermometer can be used with the 1650. With some thermometers you need to check the temperature level outside the grill.

So let’s move on to the doneness of your steak. There are six different stages you may know:


BLUE < 52° C/125° F


RARE 52° C/125° F


MEDIUM-RARE 57° C/135° F


MEDIUM 63° C/145° F


MEDIUM-WELL 66° C/150° F


WELL DONE 71° C/160° F



Depending on your desire grill the steak to the right level. You can either grill the steak on the 1650 prime grill to sear in the flavor and then cook it to your desired doneness in an oven, or you can just lower the drawer and cook the steak to your desire.

So keep it sizzling folks.